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Why unsubscribers are great

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realise someone has unsubscribed from your mailing list, or unfollowed you on social media? I’m here to tell you that things might not actually be as bad as they seem. In fact, I want to share that unsubscribers are actually great for your business!

1. Stop trying to prevent unsubscribes!

But before we get to that, firstly stop trying to prevent people from unsubscribing. Business is all about finding your ideal client. There are definitely more than enough in the world to go around every business, so what you need to focus on is narrowing down and finding the people who love you and your offering most. You shouldn’t have to try too hard in order to get these people to stick around, as they are your ideal client, and your ideal client will LOVE everything that you say and do! That’s why they are ideal, right? They have a vision that’s aligned with yours.

By trying to prevent people from unsubscribing you are actually chasing the people who aren’t your ideal clients. In doing this your brand values can become blurred, diluted and confusing to your ideal clients who already love you anyway. Just think about this, if you were a DJ at a party and you had 50 people who loved your song selection, dancing the night away and cheering you on, would you change the music just to satisfy the three people standing around the edge? No way!

2. Find YOUR niche

I think this is one of the hardest parts about building a business to understand. When you build a business, you aren’t trying to build something for everyone. OK, maybe in the early 50s and 60s you could start a company and expect to sell to everyone, but it’s 2017 now and the market is saturated with big brands that have mass appeal. The key is to finding your niche group or your ideal customer and serving them as best you can.

For Sasudi, we care and believe deeply in our philosophy around sales and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their sales techniques. We believe in our ability to reflect the current trends around selling and influence the future trends and we have a passion for a sales process that is based around honesty, passion and rapport. So if someone on our list unsubscribes, then we know that they don’t agree with those principles or values and would probably have never bought into our product anyway. So have we lost anything…. No! If anything they have helped us to refine our audience.

3. So who is your ideal customer?

You should see your business in the same way. If someone unfollows or unsubscribes, it’s not because you’re necessarily doing anything wrong. Perhaps they are no longer aligned with your brand values or the timing is off. If it is a timing issue, the likelihood is if you have built a good rapport with them then they will come back to you when the timing is right.

This has everything to do with sales. One of the key things you can do starting from today is create a profile of your ideal client. Think about where they go, what they read, who they talk to and most importantly, how you can get in front of them! You are much more likely to have positive sales success by selling to the right people (aka your ideal client) in the first place.

After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. So you need to go and target the thirsty horses!

Leigh Ashton

A speaker, trainer and coach. Leigh Ashton helps people incorporate psychology alongside practical selling skills – leading to positive changes in their attitude, their approach and their sales results. She has found a way to leverage her Intellectual Property via an online platform.

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