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Doing Business in Mauritius (part 1)

Last month I was asked to speak at the SWAA (Spa & Wellness Association of Africa) Annual Conference in Mauritius. I was honoured and looked forward to meeting the attendees and sharing my expertise on global brand marketing. With it being my first time to Mauritius I was secretly excited, I had heard that it was the Paradise Island and as such I longed for a break away from the UK's dull summer to escape to sunshine and beautiful beaches. But what I wasn't expecting was just how breathtaking the hotel would be. As I arrived I immediately feel in love with the expansive greenery and natural riches. The contemporary and stylish lobby was welcoming, and as I was handed a cold beverage I exhaled and thought to myself 'this trip is going to be a good one'.

After the first day of masterclasses and speeches I sat down with Guillaume Lefebure, the Communications Manager for the Heritage Resorts to discuss the hotels growth and brand DNA. The meeting was both fun and insightful as he gave his tips for anyone wishing to do business in Mauritius.

What is the Heritage Resorts?

The Heritage Resorts is the number one 5 Start Hotel in the South of Mauritius. Divided into three types of accommodation the resort caters to both local and international guests who seek a place where nature and choice is celebrated in a unique holiday experience.

For those with children Guillaume recommended the Heritage Awali, an all inclusive affordably luxury option including kids clubs, baby sitters and a range of facilities for young people. Whilst the children play the all inclusive spoils guests with daily 45-minute massages, which as a mum to a 5 year old, simply sounds like heaven. Groups of friends or golfers can enjoy a home-away-from-home with Heritage The Villas; private villas with infinity pools, an in-house butler and in-house dinning service, plus access to its trendy beach club and award winning Heritage Golf Course. But for those of us who are the professional traveller, doing business or seeking an escape from business, the Heritage Le Telfair is where I stayed and would highly recommend.

Why stay there?

When you constantly travel for work one hotel can sometimes feel like the other. Often I walk into my hotel room and honestly feel like I could be anywhere in the world; the same side bar with the same dull coffee in the breakfast area, the same king size bed with the same white sheets and puffy pillows. The same or similar paintings with little or no relevance to the countries culture or history, and the same shower units, with the same or similar brand of soap and shower accessories. But Heritage Le Telfair was different.

My chic beachfront room was designed to perfection. The stylish patio area gave me a slice of bliss each morning as I sat on the outside desks to enjoy my coffee, whilst watching the sunrise. Doing yoga on the beach outside my room prepared me for my working day and when I came back Kevin my in-house butler pointed me in the direction of a full body massage and wellness pool. From dinning, to the cocktail bar, the staff were both friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgable of the countries wealth of history. Even though I travelled on my own, I always had someone to engage in conversation with. It was that friendly but non intrusive type of dialogue, one that allowed me to eat in peace but not feel totally isolated. Whilst I was only there for three days, there was something about that hotel that made me feel like I was there for weeks. I am not sure if it was the sound of the tropical birds or the delicious food, the sea views or the wellness gardens, but I left feeling refreshed. It was like work was a side dish to my menu of peace. So when Guillaume described the resort as a luxurious wellness destination for those seeking a true holistic experience, bathed in culture and refinement, I totally agreed with him.

To book your stay at Heritage Resorts head over to​

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