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Celebrating IWD22 in Dubai

International Women's Day 2022 in Dubai with Women Who Thrive.

My first IWD in Dubai was magical. As I stepped into the foyer of the Habtoor Ground Hotel in JBR the sound of English accents felt both welcoming and familiar, immediately the friendly ladies at reception made me feel like I was home.

Within seconds I pumped into an Instagram 'friend' who gave me a hug and said "let me introduce you to someone", which proceeded with a night of meeting one fabulous woman after another. Sitting next to a young lady named Kayla, I was informed of the dynamics of dating in Dubai, as she expressed why she was starting her own Online Dating App for Expats in the UAE. Secretly hoping I would never have to use it (lol), I loved her enthusiasm and relished on all the ladies excitement of the tool that would help them find a man in the city 'where English guys are treating it like Las Vegas!'

Once the awards started there was singing and dancing, screaming for nominees and a general great vibe celebrating womanhood.

For my first IWD in Dubai, it was a ball of fun!

Love Kubi


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