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Brand owner of SBB gives SLOAN! Magazine 5 tips on how to Build a Better Brand

Our Brand owner Kubi Springer reveals 5 insights to the SLOAN!Magazine on how to Build a Better Brand.

"The ability to create and communicate your brand story is critical for any company wanting to thrive in today’s competitive market. One organisation that has mastered this is fashion retailer Burberry, with 498 stores (2016) and valued at £2.5 billion (2015), this powerhouse understands the key components needed to make and sustain a brand using the influence of storytelling".

1.Use Your History

Every brand, in fact, everything in existence has a history. Anyone who ever started a brand has a past and a set of experiences that can be used to authentically connect their brand with its desired audience(s).

2.Communicate the Pain

Most brands are created out of pain. Someone’s burning desire to fix something, solve something or make something right again. Think about it; Steve Jobs started Apple because he wanted to change the status quo, which meant he was probably sick and tired of the status quo.

3.Tell the Truth

Your brand story needs to be authentically true to you and your organisation. It needs to come from a place of why and not what.

4.Go Glocal

The term glocalisation has been around for a while. The idea that thinking globally by acting locally is key to brand success, has propelled marketers to fine-tune their strategies to ensure they make the most out of the global market.

5.Maximise Social Media

Measuring the monetary impact of social media has always been a challenge, but social media seems to be working to not only promote but to drive sales.

To read the extended version click here!
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