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"Dache" joins HerRunway

DACHE an exquisite fashion brand from Malaysia is the latest to sign up to our HerRunway showcase at London Fashion Week this September.

DACHE is an upcoming Malaysian fashion brand founded in 2015 by Yadz Harudin and Julie Widuri.

DACHE’s design philosophy is all about natural, authentic arte which means they’re inspired by nature, the rich authenticity coming from cultures, traditions and heritage and all kinds of art forms. With their love for nature, Yadz’s passion for photography paired with her interior design background and Julie’s talent as a fashion designer, they embark on a journey bringing their visions to life.

A socially conscious brand, DACHE ensures responsible production at every step of the way and gives back a portion of its revenue to feed the homeless.

We are honoured to have this socially conscious brand with us at our HerRunway its sure to be a knockout show!

Are you a Female Fashion Designer?

Would you like to display your collection at London Fashion Week?

Applications for HerRunway are open till July 31st 2018.

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