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When Fashion Takes Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most stylish cities in the world. Whether you are looking for vintage , designer or luxury brands, Tokyo has is it all. Living in Japan you are bound to take on the household name as a Fashionsita.

Typically when you think about Japanese fashion trends, your imagination often turns to over-the-top street style seen in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. However, the streets of Tokyo have made me see fashion in such a different light. I don't think about what looks good, instead I focus on how it makes me feel. Tokyo Fashion has shown me there are NO LIMITS, there are NO RULES. You create YOUR STYLE, You create YOUR VOICE. When you walk the streets it gives you a feeling of individuality, a feeling of freedom.

Here are 3 trends that have been on repeat:

Oversized outerwear (including oversized wide-legged bottoms)

Using a pop of color to complete/form your look

Details make the look: Lace-ups on skirts, pants and even jackets. Adding Strings, Cords and belts.

Trying new things can often seem daunting, so to ease you in, here are some easy-to-follow styling tips that I have observed from Japanese street style and incorporated in my everyday style:

1.) Don't count out Vintage/used clothing.

You will be shocked at what you can find at some of the vintage and used clothing shops. Japan is known for their UNIQUE sense of style, they aren't afraid to try new things. So next time your out and about in your city, be sure to check out some vintage stores. You never know what hidden jems from seasons passed you may find.

2.) Mix and Match

Never let color and prints scare you. There's an easy tip to remember when attempting this: MATCH COLORS, NOT PRINTS.

Pick a single color within the print. Lets say, for example, red. Build your color pallete for the outfit around that color.

3.) Texture, Texture, Texture

Mixing textures sounds like a bit much, but it can actually be the icing on the cake for nailing a great look.

So take, for example, a metallic jacket and pair it with a faux fur fanny pack and black spandex leggings.

4.) Go for it and steal the show


This guest post was written by Gabrielle Lewis, the Creative Director of Bunny and Hare, personal shopper and global #BossChic based in Tokyo.

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