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I am still very excited at this time of the year because I absolutely love, love, love women realising the possibilities that are available to them if they would only take a stand and put their lives and their happiness first.

But some women have a different experience of New Year resolutions and goal setting. Maybe you can’t be bothered because you say you have tried it in the past and it did not work. Is that you? Are you fed up with trying to improve your life without any or little results?

Refusing to attempt to change because you have tried it and it has not worked is like trying to make a cake in the past without a recipe or an idea and when the cake does not come out as you expected you complain that cake baking does not work. It’s the same principle, with goal setting you have to have the right ingredients and method in order to get the best results.

It’s so sad to see women living unfulfilled lives because they have failed to achieve their goals, dreams and resolutions. If you are currently goal setting here are a few of my quick tips to help you:

  1. Be CLEAR about what you want to achieve

  2. Set aside TIME to get it done

  3. Know WHY you want to achieve it

  4. How will you FEEL once you have achieved it?

  5. How are you going to MAKE it happen? What resources will you need? What will you need to do.

  6. By WHEN will you achieve it.

  7. How will you CELEBRATE once you have achieved it?

This year CAN be fantastic for YOU. You may want to be healthier, richer, happier, lose weight, stop smoking, find the love of your life and travel etc. You can have it all, even you have been failing in any or all these areas in the past.

If you have not already done so, you can download my free goalsetting workbook to help you set your clear goals. Click here to get your copy.

I am excited to announce that I am collaborating with a couple of coaches and we have put together a programme that we will be delivering next month to really help you to achieve your goals and start living your best life. I will reveal more about this soon, so keep your eyes on your inbox so make sure you have signed up to my mailing list. Click here to join and also get my goal setting workbook.

Until next time.

Sonia Greyson-Newman

Empowerment Coach

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