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Highlights of 2018

With just a few weeks to go until 2019, we thought it would be nice to go down memory lane of 2018 before we embark on a New Year.

In February 2018, we kicked off with Kubi attendending New York Fashion Week. Kubi was in New York for ten busy days, one of the days she was a judge for Harlem Fashion Week 2018. During the show Kubi met Jay Manuel (Creative Director of America's Next To Model) in the VIP area wheere both of them were judges for the 'Emerging Designer Contest'. Whilst in New York she delivered a workshop at New York University and Mountbattern. Watch the video below for some behind the scenes footage at the fashion capitol of America.

Next in April 2018 Kubi arrived in Ghana initially for a family holiday, but as we know Kubi is the face SheBuildsBrands and wherever she goes her 'brandbuilders' will be there too. Initially Kubi got booked to do a presentation on 'How to Take Your Brand Global'at 'She Summit' a conference organised on by Glitz Magazine. Following that Kubi attended 'Make-Up Ghana' to be on a panel with Dentaa (Founder of Guba Awards) to encourage women to develope themselves as their brand and build confidence. Kubi got alot of engagement with many creatives, particularly freeelance makeup artists who needed help to be the face of their brand. On top of this Kubi then got asked to present the 'Product of the Year Award' at 'Make-Up Ghana Awards'.

July 2018 Kubi journeys to Malaysia in South East Asia, Kubi meets up with celebrity chef Nisa Bakri and fashion designer Yadz Harudin for their launch at SheBuildsBrands production of herRUNWAY in London Fashion Week 2018. The SheBuildsBrands team worked for six weeks to produce a Brand Audit and Kubi personally presented the findings for Yadz and Nisa to help them both prepare for their September launches.

September 2018 was a month to remember, with the launch of herRUNWAY. The fashion event organised by SheBuildsBrands, we launched eight talented international designers from all over the world including Dubai, Iran, Switzerland, Nigeria and the UK. We hosted and organised the event for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection at Aston Martin Mayfair.

Finishing off the year in October 2018 Kubi was asked to do her presentation on ' I am My Brand' at the UK Black Business event at Queen Elizabeth II Centre in which over 1000 people came to listen to Kubi speak. Later on in the month Kubi attended the Black Women Business Awards and was awarded with 'Entreupanur of the Year'.

With two more weeks till the year finishes, we would like to thank everyone that was part of SheBuildsBrands and the journey we all took together in 2018. The countdown begins where we can take twenty-two years of brand building to twenty-three.

Time to prepare for a new journey in our book and a Happy New Year!

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