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“The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.”

It’s now 2018 and the tables have turned.

The 7th January 2018; a day that made history. The Golden Globes. However, it was like no other. As over 300 women within the film, television and theatre industry stood together with their biggest accessorise… A black dress.

A line of black appeared as women stood together in solidarity to mark how the line can no longer be crossed. Their strong approach stood for so much more than an award or fashion; it stood for time being up in women inequality.

Times Up Now was announced last Monday, as an initiative from hundreds of women within the entertainment industry to fight sexual miss-conduct throughout the country. Little did they know of the impact this would have world wide… or did they? There are no leaders for this initiative however it is supported by international celebrities - some to name:

Natalie Portman,

Emma Stone,

Reese Witherspoon,

Kerry Washington.

The pre-show turned into a very political standpoint which grabbed the eyes of all through social media platforms and news stories. Men also supported the trending hashtags showing how maybe, change is happening (for the better).

Although many showed their support; one person who stood out was Blanca Blanco. A beautiful woman wearing a luxury red silk dress… RED? An iconic black dress worn by hundreds of women attending the Golden Globes, which was the representative item of the cause. Blanca argues that she should be free to wear her favourite colour as well as show support, do you agree?

The idea of TimesUpNow is to allow women to be free and equal, although did she promote her freedom too much as everyone else stood in solidarity? The revealing dress demonstrated how women pose in a sexual nature can often seen as provocative. Did she go against TimesUpNow or did she stand for it in her own way?

Costume designer, Arianne Phillips, was approached by Reese Witherspoon to design the black and white pins in preparation. The pins were worn by both men and women showing a collective support group.

The legal defense fund has had a rapid increase of members thanks to the influence of celebrity groups. Some might say it’s a shame that this cause was not recognised before but nevertheless, at least these celebrities did something right.

On Saturday 13th January, join us at 10am on Channel Radio 2 to find out what team SBB think of TimesUpNow as well as a chance to share YOUR opinion with us via Instagram Live.

This article is written by SheBuildsBrands PA: Rikki Thomas

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