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Real Women Real Talk

Saturday 9th December. What an exhilarating day. It was the day that the SheBuildsBrands team launched season 2 of our popular radio show! The Radio Show is your Saturday morning coffee catch-up with the girls. 10am-12noon (GMT) weekly on Channel Radio 2; Kubi joins her co-hosts in talking all things women in business. A rotation of powerful women in business join the team every Saturday morning to engage with listeners and express their opinions on hot business topics - with guest features also.

Join us as we discuss our careers, work life balance, empowerment, personal style, business and everything in between. Focusing around the current affairs of the previous week and hot topics in the fashion, lifestyle and wellbeing industries. It's where professional women get together to speak honestly and openly about the highs and lows of achieving brand success.

Created by women, for women. You, the listener, get to join the show as we engage with you, our audience, on Instagram Live to answer your questions and listen to your feedback on the week's latest topics and trending news stories. This show is made by YOU, the listeners, we discuss the topics that you want to hear, and we love hearing your opinions.

The Millennials

Listen to Yianna, Rikki and Shaz in the Millennials group for their current trends in business fashion, lifestyle and wellbeing. Kubi, Lu, Kate, Noelle and Cheryl join us weekly for their brand tips and knowledge. The Executives - Cindy, Jane and Augusta - give us an insight to the corporate world and their experiences. These 11 powerful women share the roles of being a co-host, giving an array of opinions, discussing audience topics and interviewing guest stars. All these women have various skills that cover a large platform as well as contrasting opinions on life and business which contributes to the stimulating show. At least one member from each group joins the SheBuildsBrands team weekly, to engage with the audience and deliberate their recent activities, events, business knowledge as well as express their judgment on the weekly hot topics.

Once a warm welcome is given to the audience, guests and co-hosts - the show can well and truly begin. Hitting the first segment off with the ‘gossip’ section. This part of the show allows the women a chance to share their weekly encounters of hot trends, events or business activities. Followed by a discussion around the latest hot topic, this is a very proactive segment of the show as it allows the contributing women to bounce off each others opinions and welcome a friendly debate. SBB Style, part 3 of the show, is a great opportunity for sponsors to offer product placement and increase their brand recognition through the co-hosts and guest evaluating products. What are the latest business style tips? Find out during the style edit feature during the show. At 11am, the show gets handed over to YOU - the audience. Join the show live on instagram to ask any questions or share your opinions, this is the liveliest part of the show as listeners take over… JUST ASK. The show is then ended on a roundup of upcoming events and a special thank you to those involved.

Tune in to Chanel Radio 2 on Saturday at 10am to join the movement!

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