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Are you using DR?

After posting about Direct Response Marketing on Instagram, we were in undated with requests for more information. Therefore in this weeks blog we address the issue of: what is DR Marketing and what techniques can be used to deliver an effective DR Marketing campaign. Whether you're running a fashion house, music studio or tech hub; we have provided tips on how to set up your DR Marketing and where to drive the return on investment.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Response Marketing is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel your prospective customer/client to take some specific action. It's not about direct selling, but rather harnessing a response, such as opting in to your email list, picking up the phone and calling for more information, placing an enquiry or being directed to a web page. Unlike Brand Marketing, it's not about mass communications, or emotional stimuli, on the contrary its about awakening immediate action. What's more DR Marketing requires little waiting to see results, therefore Marketers can assess performance the moment the marketing campaign begins.

How to deliver Direct Response Marketing?

1. KISS (Keep It Simple - Silly)

The key with DR Marketing is to keep the messaging simple. Use short sentences. Small words. Jargon free. Be clear on the "problem" you are solving, be clear on the value proposition and be very clear on the audience segment with which you are talking too.

2. Resource Ready

Consumers are bombarded with over 3,500 advertising images every single day, so your DR Marketing needs to have social proofing. In other words you need to give them reasons to believe you. Once you have managed to get them to take action you then need to show proof that what you are selling is worth their time. For example you can use testimonies, statistics, customer success stories, positive reviews or endorsements. Today more than ever you need proof as it will influence your prospective clients/customers behaviour.

3. Attention, Interest, Action (AIA)

Remember the AIA formula in all of your DR Marketing:

  • Capture the prospect's attention - use eye grabbing imagery, striking headings and concise copy

  • Maintain the prospect's interest - tell them why they should care

  • Move the prospect to favourable action - tell them exactly what to do next

4. Test, Test, Test

Finally remember to keep testing. If you try one thing and it doesn't work, that's ok, keep testing. Review the responses, identify where you can improve and go again. The amazing thing with DR Marketing is that the immediacy of the results makes it perfect for tracking, allowing you to quickly ascertain what's working and what's not. Don't be afraid to try new things; play with different titles, change the imagery, have fun seeing how your audience respond and play with it until you hit the results!

Build Your Brand.

Love, Kubi

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