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Biblical Business Strategies 
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Welcome to P.R (the Prayer Room), a sanctuary for the ambitious ones to find connection, elevation and community.

Our Mission - under the stewardship of Kubi Springer we equip Believers, through Biblical principles, to make an impact on the Business world.

Our Vision - to create a global community of world changing Believers that impact the Marketplace, through the power of God.
How to join?
  • Join the Call - we meet every Friday online. Join us and connect with global Believers, learn from your Word of God, so that you can impact and change the world. Click HERE for the TEAMS link.
  • Prayer & Fasting - join us for the first 3 days of prayer & fasting every month, to seek Gods direction over your career, business and ambitions.
  • Get the Devotion - you can connect with the daily scriptures and devotion by using The Bible App. Get the app HERE
Every Friday
11pm Dubai | 9pm South Africa | 7pm London | 2pm New York
Live on TEAMS
James 4:10
Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will exalt you.
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