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​​BREIF: To recruit and manage a new marketing team, secure commercial partners, increase awards ticket sales and viewer ratings.

STRATEGY: Realigned the brands core messages to the original brand DNA of 'being the first to recognise urban talent' - birthing the slogan 'we pave the way'. Created brand differentiation by owning and being true to the brand identity. Focused on strategic collaborations that would propel the brand message and increase the brand reach, whilst keeping the advertising spend to a minimum.​

TACTICS: Secured a partnership with leading music retailer HMV to have MOBO P.O.S areas within all 33 stores including their flagship on Oxford Street. Researched connections between nominees and large corporations, and utilised the findings to secure sponsors and advertisers. Made as a platform for unsung artists.

RESULTS: Secured primetime TV rankings for the BBC during the 10pm MOBO slot. Secured 75% increase on ticket purchases. Secured £1.3m worth of sponsorship.

CAPABILITIES: Brand Strategy, Events Marketing, Brand Partnerships & Sponsorship

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