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MIMPIKITA - London Launch

BRIEF: To facilitate Malaysian fashion house Mimpikita to expand their reach across Asia, UK and Europe with London Fashion Week as the launch debute.

STRATEGY: Produced an in-depth brand audit and analysis. Shared findings with all key stakeholders and secured ownership of proposed strategy. Used the family ethos as the foundations for creating a global sisterhood community around the brand. Launched the international campaign in London. Focused on digital growth using social media and micro influencers in key markets to expand the brand.

TACTICS: Partnered with international pop-up shop organisers to test the product and promote the brand. Secured stockists before the London Fashion Week launch so as to make the brand more attractive to larger retailers attending the trade show.

RESULTS: Secured stockist - ASOS Marketplace, Studio One Twenty, Barley Oxford and LDC in London, Milan and Shanghai. Featured in British Vogue, BBC Radio, HuffPost Style and Tatler Magazine, Asia.

CAPABILITIES: Strategic Brand Development, Creative Content Development, Events Management & Events Marketing

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