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Meet Our Featured Members

We at SheBuildsBrands love to feature our amazing members.

With over 400 in the SBB boss squad, this month, April 2018, meet our featured member aka #bossofthemonth:

Founder's Name: Claudia Myrie

Brand: Elissy's World

Date the brand started: January 2018

How did you start your Brand?

I wish I could give you a long list of beautiful memories of when i always wanted to do this but unfortunately that is not the case, I've just got a fair few transferable skills, which has been completely handy in this journey.

I've always put up hilarious things my children have said and I realise that it was always relatable to other parents and someone made a comment about keeping a book and writing all the funny things they have said over the years so I could give to them when they were older,  so I thought to myself 'maybe one day I will'!

It was at the beginning of this year whilst we were on a family holiday that I thought how blessed my children were for being able to explore the world and learn life skills doing so. This is when the idea 'Elissysworld' came to me.

(My daughter is actually called Annelise but we sometimes call her Elissy)

I initially built up her followers by posting pictures of where she's been, things she learnt and just tagging similar people and trends by hashtagging to boost her followers. I saw the interest in her appearance and followed that route by starting tutorials for children. Eventually we went down the route of marketing her as the brand.

Since then we've written a book, which we hope can be published by next week all about her travels.


Describe your Brand in 5 words.

I would say my brand is relevant, relatable, humorous, cultured and ambitious.

What has been your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge was starting and then as it started to pick up not being certain with the direction in which I wanted to take it.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Greatest achievement is the timescale in which this has all picked up and managing to contact people on a one to one basis if they comment on the page.

What's your favourite thing about the Members Hub?

My favourite thing about the hub is the concept of having motivated professionals ready at your phone, tablet or computer to network with you from all over the world. I also love the resources being posted to help improve business or simply thinking.

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