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(followed by week 2 on 21st Jan 2023)

Hi there,

Thank you for clicking on this page to learn more about SheBuildsBrands. The name, which has been synonymous with my own name and work, means so much to me.  


As such, I have turned it into an online platform designed to help you build your personal brand and create a name for yourself.

Whether you are a freelancer, executive, consultant or solo entrepreneur; this platform is designed to help you with the tools needed to:

market, your mastery.

Gone are the days when your work can do the talking for you, now you need to talk about your work. As such, SheBuildsBrands provides:

  • Books

  • Audio Books

  • E-Courses

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Downloadable Templates

  • Videos to Inspire

Designed to enable you to build your personal brand, without apology.

I pray you glean from the tools, as I pour 25+ years of experience into you. 


Love Kubi x

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