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Celfie Cosmetics

Celfie Cosmetics

Celfie Cosmetics

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Celfie Cosmetics


Brief: To launch American cosmetics brand Celfie into the UK market


Deliverables: SheBuildsBrands worked on a 6 month project with the senior management team at Ceflie Cosmetics to produce a brand strategy that included; Clear identification of the business objectives and understanding of how the brand would act as a driver to meet these objectives. A detailed market and competitor analysis within the beauty sector to establish the brands key differentiators, market opportunities and market position. Consumer profiling based on the companies previous digital and sales data alone with market understanding to identify purchasing pattens and consumer expectations. Based on the analytics a re-establishment of the brand's target demographic including both internal and external stake-holder groups. 

Identification of the brand messages, mission, tone, personality, values and promise.

Working with the creative agency to produce a new logo, product images and digital media content that reflected the new Brand. Securing influencer partnerships with MAU's, Bloggers, Vloggers and Personalities. 


Results: Senior management buy-in to the strategy recommendations and roll-out of the new creative content.

Second phase contract to launch the brand at BeautyCom UK in December 2017.


Capabilities Used: Brand Strategy, Creative Content Development and Influencer Partners for London rollout.

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