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BRIEF: Launch New York beauty brand, Celfie Cosmetics, into the UK market.


DELIVERABLES: Working with Celfie Cosmetics, SheBuildsBrands supported the brand with their campaign launch at BeautyCon London held at London Olympia. BeautyCon is a company that sees 1.5 million social interactions per day and has 30,000 beauty box users. BeautyCon LA reached over 1500 attendees and BeautyCon London expanded from it’s overseas companion allowing Celfie Cosmetics to reach an even larger audience. The weekend gave the brand opportunities to promote themselves and engage with direct consumers; with the support of the SheBuildsBrands team, to their target audience at the BeautyCon London debut; by selling out on the Shade Collection glitter pallet as well as a range of lipstick collections. Celfie Cosmetics left their mark at BeautyCon London reaching millions of users worldwide - combined through online interaction and face to face contact. Throughout the whole weekend campaign, videographers followed every move of Celfie Cosmetics and SheBuildsBrands - introducing the #CelfieComesToLondon campaign. The vlog allowed the creative team of SheBuildsBrands to pull together and create an online portal of the #CelfieComesToLondon weekend. The weekend finished with Celfie Cosmetics supplying product placement at the SheBuildsBrands radio campaign shoot, by promoting a variety of products to the women, allowing them to sample the makeup brand as well as feature within the shoot, giving Celfie Cosmetics brand exposure.


RESULTS: Attracting thousands of women and men within the core demographic of 18-24 year olds of all ethnicity; BeautyCon London was a huge hit for Celfie Cosmetics. Selling over 50 glitter eyeshadow pallets within the first hour; gaining over 25 news leads as well as an interview with As the day came to an end; Celfie Cosmetics sold out of the Shade Glitter Palette and gained new customers for their online shop.  The brand gained potential new partners for new business by interacting with their 20.4k followers on Instagram as well as gaining a 20% increase on social media via social interaction, using techniques such as trending hashtags. Celfie Cosmetics left being one of the most talked about brands at BeautyCon London as well as trending on Instagram through hashtags and reposts.


CAPABILITIES: Trade Show Marketing, Promo Staff & Creative Content Development.

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